Family Studies Center

The Family Studies Center is dedicated to research that identifies characteristics associated with strong marriages and families, the processes by which they develop, and positive individual and relationship outcomes of healthy family relationships. Historically, the Family Studies Center has supported funding for research on family relationships (e.g., the Flourishing Families Project), conferences on cutting edge family topics (e.g., Families and Health; Work and Families), and outreach activities (e.g., “Families Under Fire” conference). Currently, to achieve Center goals, two main initiatives are being supported. 

​First, the Center is supporting the Couple Relationships and Transition Experiences (CREATE) research study. The CREATE study is planned to tap a national sample of early married couples, and to include unique measures of relationship functioning in context of transitions and stressors across time. Several BYU faculty members are investigators in that study. 

Second, the Center is supporting the development of advanced methods to be used in analyzing data that can provide answers to questions about family relationships. For example, efforts will address analysis of longitudinal data from multiple family members. As part of this initiative the Center will host a lunch-time methods workshop twice a month where faculty or guests will present on research methods used with family data. Faculty members and students from across the University that are interested in studying family relationships are invited to attend.


Please direct questions regarding the Family Studies Center or its website to Jeremy Yorgason. You can reach the Family Studies Center by calling (801) 422-3515.